Time for a serious Convo: Safety Measures

  • We are not usually strict about much but we promise to be strict about keeping things clean & tidy:
    • High traffic areas will be continuously cleaned & sanitized.
    • Hand sanitizers are available throughout the hotel.
    • Masks are required to be worn in line with local regulations
    • Extra care will be taken at the front desk. We will keep it brief while adhering to social distancing measures.
    • Each room will be thoroughly cleaned & sanitized after each guest, with particular attention to commonly used items such as remote controls, light switches, A/C controls & door handles.
    • Additional housekeeping will be available upon request so you know who’s been in your room, and when.
    • We’ll be adhering to physical distancing recommendations & may ask you to limit the number of people in the elevators or in the lobby.

    If you are not feeling well and are showing COVID-19 symptoms, please self-isolate.  We’ll get in touch with the appropriate health authorities to get you the care you need.